NUCH Shepados Hot & Wise "Albert"

Albert 1 year old

Born 9. august 2014


Norwegian junior winner 2015

Norwegian champion 2017



Albert 2 years old

Albert er en søt liten tass. Han er lærenem og elsker og leke 🙂


Albert is a sweet boy. He is a fast learner and loves to play 🙂

Stamtavle Shepados Hot & wise

Pedigree for Shepados Hot&Wise

  • Norwegian junior winner 2015

    in august 2015 in Hamar

  • BOB and NUCH may 2017

    Albert went BOB at the international Exhibition in Ålesund may 2017 and became Norwegian champion

NUCH Major Point Quovis Modo "Ibsen"

Born 2. april 2017


Ibsen is the sweetest boy. He is born in Russia, and moved to Norway, Oslo, and lives there with a friend


Major Point Quovis Modo "Ibsen"s pedigree

  • 5 years old

  • Ibsen 15 months

Shepados Horatsion Snilehorn

Born: 30. marz 2019